curatorial collaborative is founded by curators with experience in the field of museum and gallery exhibiting, theory, publishing and education. We create and execute curatorial concepts, discussion events, consult exhibition projects and focus on finding innovative means of mediation and display. We push further the discourse on curation in the Czech Republic and internationally through art and architecture networks. We are based in Prague and Berlin.


Helena Huber-Doudová

is a curator and art historian. As research and curatorial fellow of the International Museum Program she worked on an exhibition on infographics in the German Museum of Books and Writing in Leipzig, in collaboration with the University of Erfurt and the German Federal Cultural Foundation 2016/2017. She is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Art History of the University of Zurich. She was awarded DAAD research scholarship, Aktion Österreich scholarship and others.

After studies of art history and international relations in Prague and Berlin, she worked as a Robert Bosch Fellow at Architecture Museum of the TU Munich – Pinakothek der Moderne (2011–2012) and as an intern in the German Architecture Centre DAZ in Berlin (2013–2014). She initiated and curated, among others, the exhibition Baugruppe ist super! in the Kvalitář Gallery in Prague, Schnepp•Renou – Intérieurs. Anatomy of Space (Gallery Ferdinand Baumann, Prague) and cooperates on the Creative Europe project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum.

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Jana Doudová

studied humanities at Charles University in Prague and curatorial studies in University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne. Jana is a co-founder of an informal art platform UMA: You Make Art, which focuses on mediation of contemporary art to the general public. Experience in project management, fundraising and preparation of conceptual projects received cooperation on show Baugruppe ist super! and practice in Prague galleries SVIT, MeetFactory and others.

After an internship in ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Jana moved to Berlin, where she currently works as a freelance curator in nomadicArt, curatorial collaborative and (e)Studio Migra. Born in the Czech Republic and living in Berlin and Prague.




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