There is a vacant plot of land between two apartment buildings in your neighbourhood. It occurs to you that the site could be used for an apartment building where you would have a place designed according to your needs and desires. It is your town and you have a chance to influence what it looks like and adapt the area to your own lifestyle. You team up with a couple of like-minded people and, instead of each of you looking for an apartment of your own, you form a Baugruppe…

Project co-organizers: Prague Insitute for Planning and Development – IPR
Kindly supported by: Czech-German Future Funds, City of Prague, Goethe-Institut in Prague, Czech Architecture Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

Graphic Design: Laboratoř, Petr Babák, Richard Rozhoň
Illustrations: Nikola Giancintová
Photo: Zdeněk Porcal



Baugruppe Invitation, en
Exhibition Plan, en
Baugruppe Handbook, en
Baugruppe Manuál, cz