Workshop in the framework of the Baugruppe ist super!“ exhibition, lead by ifau – Institut für angewandte Urbanistik, Berlin (Susanne Heiß, Christoph Heinemann, Christoph Schmidt). By reference to R50 a joint building venture realised by ifau und Jesko Fezer | Heide & von Beckerath in Berlin the Baugruppe-Casting Workshop focused on three topics to illustrate and discuss the development as well as the architectural and social performance of such projects: What are the major stepping stones and pivotal points to form a joint building venture? How should architecture be designed to support and enable participation and appropriation? How can individual and shared spaces be related to generate surplus values in everyday life?

Twenty participants – potential Baugruppe members, city planners, architects, real-estate experts and finance-experts discussed the issues and potentials of the development of joint building ventures in Prague.

Photo: Jan Malý