flüstern - Silent Sharing poses questions about a permeability of time, a simultaneity and interweavings of past, present and future. Taking an experience of sleeping as its basis, an exhibition approaches a circular understanding of time which is the foundation for both exhibited works Gebettet and while we fall asleepflüstern - Silent Sharing explores a relationship to the world and to each other, specific to sleep.

Gebettet is a four-part installation and sound composition. Based on four 19th century beds and field recordings from their rural surroundings, it creates a permeable space for connections through time, between individual experience and collective memory.

while we fall asleep is an extended sleep ritual. An invitation to experience together the mutual companionship in the space between waking and sleeping. A film to fall asleep to. A melody that accompanies you throughout the night. A text.

// 15.–25.07.2021 //
exhibition opening: 15.07. / 7 pm
overnight performance: 16.07. / 9:30 pm
exhibition: 16.–25.07. / Tue - Sun / 2 – 8 pm

flüstern - Silent Sharing project was financially supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Czech-German Future Fund.

Special thanks to INI Project gallery

© Sarah Drain

information for an overnight performance while we fall asleep:
// please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow and a mat to sleep on
// if it rains the overnight performance will take place inside
(in this case, please make sure you have a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination with you)
// you are invited to stay all night or leave as early or late as you wish
// there will be a shared breakfast in the morning

flüstern – Silent Sharing is an exhibition project curated by curatorial collaborative which brings together Gebettet, a sound- and spatial installation by Sarah Drain and Mariam Frick; and while we fall asleep, a durational film-essay and over-night sleep ritual by Mariam Frick with a live-improvisation by musicians Pia Achternkamp and Veronika Svobodová and a narrator Michaela Bajerová.

Participating artists: 

Sarah Drain is a visual artist and Mariam Frick is a sound and film artist. In their work, they explore different levels of temporality to open up spaces of imagination and encounter. They focus on the potential of interstices and transitions – of waking and sleeping, of past and present, of people to each other. In doing so, they ask about the presence of the past and its influence on social and societal processes.
Drain + Frick have realised projects in Great Britain, Tanzania and Germany in cooperation with Oxford Brookes University, Kulturprojekte Berlin, Kunstverein Schopfheim, Gemeinde Hausen, among others. They were artist in residence at the Dornach Monastery, Switzerland and the Grimm Museum Berlin. As main artists of the exhibition project flüstern – stiller Gedankenaustausch, they relate their works Gebet (Drain, Frick, 2020) and while we fall asleep (Frick, 2019) to each other within a new context, opening up new spaces of thought and experience.

Pia Achternkamp (aka “loh”) is researching on the borderlands of music, performing arts, language and fine arts – an obscure and yet fruitful landscape as a basis for multi-sensory experience and experimentation. She interrupted her studies of philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin in order to dedicate herself fully to the composition of music and soundscapes for theatre/dance projects. As she had always been curious about the interdependencies in sound, space and movement, Pia is usually playing her music life on stage when working with actors/dancers – this is how her artistic practices transformed towards a point where it became unavoidable to move her own body and explore its performative qualities and potentialities. She presented her work in HAU Berlin, Maxim Gorki Theatre and ACUD with director Asaf Hameiri and in Volksbühne Berlin with her performance/research group “Future Witchcraft Project”. In her solo project “loh” Pia is exploring the power of endless repetition and minimal variations. She developed a strong fascination for the phenomenon of silence in music.