1,5m is enough space between people for their breaths to mingle without being re-inhaled by either person. It creates a space of circulation between humans. “křehkosti | fragilities” asks questions based on this space - entering it, taking it as a starting point for an exploration of this in-between-space, within which not only »viruses, bacteria and ghosts« (Bayramoğlu, do Mar Castro Varela) may circulate.

Within a four week residency at INI Project / PROSTOR we follow our questions, find new ones, expand them, learn and unlearn practices and habits and see what we find within and starting from 1,5m³ together with our guests: biologist Tomáš Větrovský, activist Stella Maria Valentová, sound-artists Pia Achternkamp and Veronika Svobodová, theorist and curator Amelie Wedel and artists Maria Plotnikova and Jan Durina.

The exhibition “1,5m³ křehkosti | fragilities” shares fragile explorations, our experiences with fragile spaces, ghosts, and other beings we may or may not encounter.

Exhibition: 29.07. - 07.08.2022
Opening:  28.07.2022 | 7pm
INI Project / PROSTOR, Prague

Sarah Drain, Mariam Frick, curatorial collaborative ve spolupráci / in Kollaboration mit / in collaboration with: Pia Achternkamp, Jan Durina, Maria Plotnikova, Veronika Svobodová, Stella Maria Valentová, Tomáš Větrovský, Amelie Wedel.

Supported by Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunftsfonds @fondbudoucnosti_zukunftsfonds


Quote: Yener Bayramoğlu, María do Mar Castro Varela. Post/pandemisches Leben. Eine Neue Theorie der Fragilität. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2021

Exhibition photo, (c) curatorial collaborative
Exhibition flyer, (c) Sarah Drain

Special thanks to INI Project gallery